Electronic Repeat Dispensing – for selected patients only

The information below is for the attention of patients who have received a link via our text messaging service – Please Ignore if you have not received one of these messages.

Dear Patient,

We are constantly reviewing our working systems to ensure that patients can access their medications in the easiest way possible.

As such, you have been identified as a patient that could benefit from being placed onto electronic repeat dispensing.

Repeat dispensing is a process that allows the patient to obtain repeated supplies of their medicines without the need for the prescriber to sign the prescription each time. If your medication is stable and once your medication has been reviewed, we will issue a batch of repeat prescriptions (usually for a 1 year period) that will go to your pharmacy. You will then be able to pick these up every 28 or 56 days depending on your prescription interval.

Repeat dispensing is beneficial for patients, the surgery and your pharmacy. Below are the reasons why:

Benefits to the patient:

  • All your medicines will be synchronised.
  • Offers you convenience and flexibility. For instance you can request a prescription earlier from the pharmacy if you are going away on holiday, as long as this does not exceed 3 months’ supply.
  • Saves you time as you don’t have to keep going between the surgery and pharmacy.

Benefits to the surgery:

  • Reduced workload for both receptionists and prescribers, as we will only have to deal with a repeat prescription request once.
  • Better use of prescribing resource. We want to free up prescriber time so that we can spend more time seeing our patients.

Benefits to the pharmacy:

  • Allows prescription dispensing prior to patient arrival at pharmacy.
  • Better stock control.
  • The pharmacy team will not have to chase up prescription requests with surgery.

So, what we need you to do…

Initially we are just gathering patient consent, so if you would be happy to be set up on this system, please could you reply with the word “YES” to the text we have sent.

At some point in the future, we will set you up on the system and at this point we will send you a text to confirm we have done this.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Casey or Shannan  at Sherrington Park Medical Practice Tel: 0115 9858552.

Kind Regards

Dr Mona Vindla & Dr Emma Sawyer